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OMAD Core Team - Swiss Branch

Misaotra anareo namana, malagasy .....

Tongasoa! Ny mombanay

For the 27 million Malagasy people in Madagascar, in order to satisfy their physiological needs including:

. the main thing is to give at least one hot meal per day to ensure food security and improve their nutrition,

. then access to drinking water, sanitation and toilets

. access to quality education on an equal footing, 

. access to health, well-being and the means to lead a healthy life;

OMAD proposes job creation and the creation of a diaspora bank requiring the gathering, mobilization, conviction, unity and strength of the diaspora on an international scale as well as a desire to act concretely and efficiently, with total transparency, until reaching the main objective “One Meal a Day For Madagascar” which is as follows:

- in the short term: creation of OMADs throughout the world via the diaspora

- in the medium term: existence of OMAD in all regions of Madagascar

- in the long term: gradually reach the target of 27 million Malagasy people in Madagascar” 

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