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Alone we go faster, together we go further

Nofinofiko, nofinofinao, nofinofintsika...

OMAD for Madagascar in a few words...

To lift Madagascar out of extreme poverty and thus satisfy the physiological needs of the 27 million Malagasy people in Madagascar of which :

  • The main thing is to give at least one hot meal per day to ensure food security and improve their nutrition,

  • Then access to drinking water, sanitation and sanitary facilities,

  • Access to quality education on an equal footing,

  • Access to health, well-being and the means to lead a healthy life


OMAD For Madagascar is working to create a Malagasy diaspora bank for the Malagasy which will be used to finance selected projects identified as creating jobs in the agriculture and livestock sectors.

It is in this sense that with her wonderful team, RANDRIAMASY Natanaela works for  raising awareness, bringing together and mobilizing the Malagasy diaspora on a global scale. Our desire is to act concretely and effectively, with total transparency, until we achieve the main objective “One Meal a Day For Madagascar” which is as follows:

  • in the short term: creation of OMADs around the world via the diaspora

  • in the medium term: existence of OMAD in all regions of Madagascar

  • in the long term: gradually reach the target of 27 million Malagasy people in Madagascar

Walking Down Empty Road

Aid from the diaspora


Food self-sufficiency


Soutien de projets

Mutual aid and solidarity

Project support

Création d'emplois


loka mitentina 250€ 

Festival tsika jiaby

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